Thursday, May 1, 2014

Blue-Butterfly Day - Robert Frost

It is blue-butterfly day here in spring,
And with these sky-flakes down in flurry on flurry
There is more unmixed color on the wing
Than flowers will show for days unless they hurry.

But these are flowers that fly and all but sing:
And now from having ridden out desire
They lie closed over in the wind and cling
Where wheels have freshly sliced the April mire.
Robert Frost (1874-1963)

photo gb: Silverstudded Blue


Teresa Evangeline said...

..."a blue butterfly day," is such a wonderful phrase, and your photo is beautiful, with exquisite colors.

Thyra said...

Hello Teresa, so nice to see you. The blue butterfly is so beautiful and it is really spring and summer when the fine blue wings come fluttering among the flowers.Robert Frost must have known it well.

Cheers to you and Buddy!
Grethe ´)